Autokine Therapy

Autokine Therapy

New Product in Fields of Pain:

A new product in fields of pain manufactured by Noavaran Salamt Arzhang a knowledge base company that  have succeeded to  producing  kit under administration of  Health Ministry standards after Germany and the United States .

Autokine therapy is a new systemic treatment of arthritis that was first developed by the German researcher and is now recognized as one of the best methods for the control and treatment of arthritis pain that has produced excellent results for patients Autokine Therapy is a form of injection therapy which harnesses and enhances the body’s natural defence mechanisms against inflammation to reduce pain and improve function. The process involves taking the patient’s blood and preparing the blood so that the anti-inflammatory proteins and growth factors (the serum of the blood), can be injected into either joints or tendons and other soft tissues. This leads to a decrease in pain and promotes natural healing. The most value of Autokine Therapy seems to be with Osteoarthritis. In particular, Osteoarthritis of the hip & knee. The therapy primarily focuses on a protein called “Interleukin 1 (IL1).” IL1 plays a role in the mediation of inflammation by binding to certain “cytokine” receptors. By binding to these receptors, the IL1 causes the switching one of the inflammatory process. Then once this process occurs, pain comes with it and all the chemicals involved in the inflammatory process can lead to further destruction of the joint.  In soft tissues it causes an increase in scar tissue formation.

Autokine Therapy releases an IL-1 antagonist, which BLOCKS this IL1 from binding and this restricts the inflammatory process from occurring. At the same time, it also releases growth factors into the area to minimize the destruction of the local tissues (e.g. the joint cartilage) and actually attempts to heal and repair these tissues.

There has been a number of research papers which are of good quality (please see references below) that support the use of Autokine Therapy. In particular, for use in joint arthritis and spinal conditions. At our clinic, we see excellent results with Autokine Therapy.