Hand Wrinkles

Platelet-rich plasma in Hand Wrinkles:

This type of aging occurs naturally as we age. The hands show decreased skin volume, less elasticity, more wrinkles, and more apparent veins, tendons, and joints. Intrinsic aging affects the deep tissue within the hands. This happens to the above layers of the skin known as the epidermal and dermal, or surface, layers of the skin, which can be caused by sun exposure, strong chemicals such as nicotine, diet, and certain lifestyle choices. After numbing the area, the plasma is then injected into the patient’s hand; it could be wrinkles, or an arthritic area, or an injured tendon. Unlike a surgical operation, PRP makes it possible for a patient to resume daily activities quickly. The patient’s specific recovery time is dependent upon the exact procedure. Most patients who have undergone PRP injections for their hands can resume their daily activities even on the day following the procedure.