What is the PRP

What is the PRP ?

 we need to have own blood in PRP method,should take a few cc of patient’s blood, and use special kits to preparation PRP that increase the platelet concentration to 3 to 5 times rather than the originalsample. These platelets contain Growth Factor that can play a key role in the process of tissue repair,vascularization, wound healing and totally regenerative medicine.

Platelets have a spherical shape that is caused by the cytoplasm of megakaryocyte cells in the bone marrow. Blood platelets help prevent bleeding when the tissue is damaged. Platelet rich plasma secrete specific proteins to regenerative tissue and thenthe pain isdecreased also platelets and cytokines are combined with other effective ingredients have a play role in tissue regeneration and damage joint.


PRP therapy is a very safe treatment because there is no risk of rejection, since your own blood is used to treat your body. Additionally, because there are no incisions, there is very little chance of infection.


Many patients who have had PRP therapy have reported it to be effective in reducing pain and other symptoms, which makes it a useful and reliable treatment option. It is a great treatment to add to any pain-management regimen also in skin and hair rejuvenation